• Delicious Mediterranean Products

    Delicious Mediterranean Products


Mediterranean Food Supplier

G Banis Company & Services is a mediterranean food supplier, sourcing some of the largest distributors and retailers all over the world. Our well qualified team is capable to fulfill your requests in a consistent and timely manner. We have a large product range, guaranteed to satisfy your needs.

5 Reasons Customers Love Us

  1. We are a reliable mediterranean food supplier
  2. We are easy to reach and communicate
  3. We are able to clear customs and deliver to your door
  4. We have over 30 years of experience
  5. We have a global network of partners

Praise From Our Partners

I am confident working with you because you always give me the best prices in the market.

The fact that your quality is always consistent is priceless.

I really appreciate that you provide insider information for the crop and industry.

Your new product and packaging offerings have helped us beat our competition.

I love the fact that you always have my back, even in difficult situations.

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