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G. Banis Company & Services first set up shop in San Francisco in 1981. Back then, we were selling pepperoncini and other pickled vegetables before expanding into olives and a greater range of Mediterranean foods. Soon after we decided to move closer to the production in order to be able to guarantee the best quality and prices to our customers. In 2007 it was incorporated and now, our main office is located in Thessaloniki, Greece, in the heart of the Greek and Turkish fertile lands.

Our mission has always been one. To provide peace of mind to our customers by:

  1. providing the highest quality products
  2. bringing down the prices through economies of scale, and
  3. offering complete solutions for developing, manufacturing, and shipping products to your door.

The values that describe us best are honestyinnovation, and hard work.

global-freight-shippingWe take pride in sourcing the finest mediterranean specialty products (link to products) and delivering them all the way to your door. No hassles. No troubles. Just peace of mind. We are a truly global company, with clients spanning from the USA to Europe and all the way to Australia. When you work with us, you are working with a well organized company who can take care of your needs, are easy to communicate, and can handle your requests in a timely manner.

Our customers are primarily distributors, brokers, and large supermarket chains who are looking for a partner they can trust to supply them on a tight schedule and for the best prices in the market. They need  quality products, certified by the highest quality standards.


Because of our connections and large network of producers, we are able to find the lowest prices and secure enough stock to cover your needs and eliminate fears of stock-outs. Additionally, we provide door to door shipping, taking care of importing, customs clearing and freight delivery. We are also able to supply with mix containers or full truck loads.

certified with the latest and strictest quality control certificates. Most of the products we offer are also Kosher Certified.

With many key partners all across the world, you will find our products in almost every continent. Here are some supermarkets that you will find our branded or private label products:

Let’s get together

Send us a quick message and we can schedule a conference call by phone or Skype. I am sure we will find many common points and opportunities.


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